Attention Plein Air Painters! Spring is Here 

and It’s Time For Us to Paint Together

You’re Invited To Join My First Ever


Join Me, Eric Rhoads, To Paint At The World 

Famous Artist’s Cabin In Texas Hill Country

Why paint alone at home when you can do it with thousands of other painters just like you? Come join me and one or two special guests for a fun-filled paint-out session! We’ll set a camera on the view and the artists, and we’ll all paint the scene together.

Who is my surprise guest? I’m not saying… but here’s a clue. He once stayed in the world famous artist cabin, he has been featured on PBS, and he is considered one of the best artists alive today.

The best part? This is a FREE online event! And it’s happening on 

March 23rd at 5pm ET

You just need internet connection and your painting gear! 

Reserve Your FREE Seat For This Fun 2-Hour Live Paint Out Session

March 23rd at 5pm ET

What’s going to happen?

Hi, Eric here. I’m the publisher and founder of PleinAir magazine, and I’m addicted to plein air painting.

Spring is here… and we need to paint!

I invited a few artists to come and paint in my backyard to celebrate spring. Some are even coming in from other places just to hang out and paint.

So I was thinking, "Why not invite the world?" 

I’m calling it “Eric’s Global Online Paint Out."

This is the first time we’re doing this... and who knows, maybe the last time. Anything could happen because no one in history has ever tried this before.

Why my backyard?

Well, because of the need for a very strong internet connection, I could not do it in the middle of nowhere. 

Plus, I’ve been coaching lots of beginners lately and suggesting they paint in their backyard while they get used to painting outside. 

And, it’s a great exercise to try and find beauty anywhere. 

I’m not sure if we’ll paint the view, the world famous artist's cabin, or my art studio. It depends on the internet connection and the sun. 

We’re going to hold this event online. Now I know it’s not really “plein air”, but the feeling of camaraderie is undeniable when you know that so many others are also painting with you. Just imagine being “outside” with others but without leaving the comforts of your studio!

We’re expecting thousands to join us, so don’t miss out on the party! You can watch or paint the scene. 

Everyone’s invited, no matter your level of experience or choice of medium. You don’t have to turn your camera on or even show your work, but if you want to share your painting, you can. 

Of course, you’re more than welcome to participate in the conversation! You can comment and ask questions live. I’ll have a member of the team read your questions to me as I paint. 

I plan to use several cameras, and my producer, Amadine, will switch back and forth on the cameras.

One camera will be on the scene at all times. One will be of me painting, one of my special guests painting beside me, and one will show painters in the yard.

You’ll get to see us paint, hear whatever we chat about, and see the scene. If it rains, we’ll paint from the porch. If the weather is bad and the scene is foggy, we’ll paint it anyway. 

This is not a demo. But I’ll probably ask my guests some questions about what they are doing.

We’ve put aside two hours for this, but this isn’t set in stone. Just prepare for it to go longer because things might get exciting. But the sun goes down at about 6:30.

So if you want to be among thousands of artists just like you painting a scene together, come join me for this giant experiment as we celebrate spring and plein air painting.

You can see what others are doing and get inspired for your next outing. 

And who knows, you might make new friends online too!

Just click the button below to reserve a seat!

March 23, 2023 

5pm ET | 4pm CT | 3pm MT | 2pm PT