2020 FACE – Studio Pass**

2020 FACE – Studio Pass**

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The Studio Pass gives you access to our studios and to live models so you can paint. Plus we’ve selected faculty members to become studio mentors, to assist you in your work. A Studio Pass/modeling fee is $197, and they are limited to the number of people we can comfortably fit in our studios.

Studio hours will generally not conflict with major speakers, and models will be in the rooms on the following days and hours:
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Note: Models will be posing without clothes. No photos, please, without the permission of the model, and for the purpose of continuing a painting or sculpture only. Studio access is not permitted for those not carrying a Studio Pass badge. Artists must provide their own easels. Artists may work in the studio when models are not present, during convention hours. Studio mentors will vary from day to day and hour to hour.

**By purchasing this Studio Pass, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I acknowledge that I have been granted access to the studio area of the convention in order to paint or draw with live models.

I acknowledge that there will be nude models present and that I am comfortable with nudity or accept the fact that I will be in the presence of nudity.

I also acknowledge that I will treat models with respect and will not subject them to inappropriate behavior or language.

I agree to the terms and conditions that do not allow me to photograph nude models without the model’s prior consent. Using photography to remember a pose is a common practice, but the model must grant permission first.

Further, I agree that I will not post nude model images on social media or elsewhere online. Any images posted online or on social media that are deemed inappropriate by Streamline Publishing, Inc. must be removed.

I agree that Streamline Publishing, Inc. and its representatives can remove me from the modeling/studio area if violations are reported or models object to photography or any other behavior issues.

I acknowledge that I am over 18 or, if I am not, I will be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will remain with me the entire time I am in the studio.

I release Streamline Publishing, Inc., its employees and subcontractors, attendees, and event faculty from any liability whatsoever.


100% Quarantine “Peace of Mind” Guarantee

If the event is rescheduled or cancelled due to Coronavirus, or if you don’t feel safe coming for whatever reason, we’ll give you the option of applying your ticket to a future event, or offer a full refund.